Total annual production: 24,250kWh

This is equal to:

Case Studies

Aith Junior High School

Installation Details

Panel Type: Trina Honey Plus

Number Of Panels: 44

Panel Peak Power: 275W

Strings: 2

Total Peak Power: 12.1kW

EAP: 8,349kWh

 The Shetland Island’s Council was replacing the roof of the Aith Junior High School as part of their ongoing maintenance and approached Nordri to tender for installing Solar PV at the same time to streamline the works and costs of the system. Nordri won this contract and installed their second largest PV array and our largest on-roof system to date. 44 Trina panels we mounted in four rows and connected to the grid through a SMA Sunny Boy three phases inverter. The 8000+ units produced annually will help to significantly reduce the schools ongoing energy bills. 

Aith School

Mr Gary Robinson

Installation Details

Panel Type: Viridian Clearline Fusion

Number Of Panels: 12

Panel Peak Power: 300W

Total Peak Power: 3.6kW

Strings: 1

EAP: 2,649kWh

I contacted Nordri as I was keen to install solar panels but concerned that the position of our house, near the top of the Staney Hill would leave them vulnerable to storm damage. The team at Nordri were able to recommend an integrated system whereby the panels were fitted into the roof rather than on top of the roof. Their local tradesmen made a very neat job of installing the system and it has already weathered winter storms without any problems at all.

The panels  form part of the cladding, with no tiles or sheets underneath them. This allows the panels to sit closer to the roof, blend in better and catch less wind. It is also less tiles for the roofers to re-fit during installation which can speed up the time spent with the roof exposed. The system was specified and supplied by Viridian and installed by Nordri and ML Watt builders. 

Gary Robinson

Ground Mounted Solar PV

Shetland Amenity Trust
Sumburgh Head Lighthouse, Shetland Isles

Installation Details 

Number of Panels: 48

Panel Peak Power: 250W

Individual Strings: 3

Total Peak Power: 12.0 kW

This project is the second largest solar PV installation in Shetland, and is located on an extremely exposed clifftop. Galvanised foundation plates were designed to anchor the mounting frames to the ground and prevent wind uplift.

The Sumburgh Lighthouse redevelopment project won a Shetland Environment Award in 2014, with the solar PV installation playing an important role.

Roof Mounted Solar PV

Mr Tom Jenkinson

Brae, Shetland Isles

Installation Details

Number Of Panels: 16

Panel Peak Power: 250W

Total Peak Power: 4.0kW

EAP: 3,340kWh

 The team from Nordri did an amazingly tidy job of installing the inverter, panels and wiring – They took real pride in their work. I would highly recommend using a local company such as Nordri to install your solar panels as you then have someone to call if anything were to go wrong, plus the local tradesmen understand the harsh Shetland weather. 

Tom Jenkinson

Tom Jenkinson JPEG 4