Total annual production: 24,250kWh

This is equal to:

Total ‘Peak Power’ of Solar PV installed by Nordri = 32.75kW


Nordri do not have any formal supplier agreements when it comes to Solar PV, instead we look to keep abreast of the latest product developments and offer our customers the very best quality of kit on the market.

We currently specify and install Trina solar panels, one of the largest manufacturers in the world who produce their products in a state-of-the-art factory in Changzhou, China. These are fitting using Schletter roof mounting bracket systems. Schletter supply some of the strongest, best engineered brackets and rails from their base in Germany. The brackets are made from the best stainless steel and aluminium and are one of the only products known to survive the Shetland weather.

For our integrated in-roof systems we work with Viridian Solar, a UK based company which designs their own products in Cambridge. With Viridian we can design, specify and supply and install high quality fully integrated solar PV systems which are produced to their ISO9001 quality management systems.

Further information about all of our Solar PV related projects is available through the relevant sections of our website.