Shetland vs UK Average Windspeeds

One of the main reasons why people have chosen small wind turbines is to reduce energy bills for either their domestic property or for their agricultural buildings. In recent years the cost of electricity has been spiralling upwards in the UK, which has encouraged many people to become more self-sufficient by producing their own energy.

Wind Energy

In Shetland small wind turbines are the obvious choice of technology because of the abundant wind resource across the isles. The electricity generated on a site can be used for heating, lighting, general household appliances and agricultural tools/equipment thus significantly reducing the applicants need to buy from the local grid.

Having a small wind turbine will protect you from inevitable energy price rises in the future, thus offering you increased financial security in the medium/long term.

In addition to this the turbine or turbines that you install will be eligible for the Feed-In Tariff payments.