Shetland vs UK Average Windspeeds

Total annual production from Nordri installed turbines = over 1 million kW


Nordri are proud to supply small wind turbines from Kingspan Wind. We decided to become one of their accredited suppliers because we firmly believe that their turbines are best suited to the harsh Shetland weather. Other types of turbine have struggled to cope with the gale force winds which often batter the islands, however Kingspan turbines have held firm. Examples of the 6kW model have been running here for many years, it is a tried and tested design.

We were impressed with the robust nature of their turbines – the KW6 and the KW15 are both designed to Wind Class 1 which is the highest rating available.  These turbines are specifically designed for high wind areas, which mean they are perfectly suited for use here in Shetland.  There is no gearbox, and no need to shut down in high winds.  The rotor speed is controlled with a beautifully elegant solution – blades which cone in as the wind speed increases.  This means the turbines continue to produce electricity even during prolonged periods of high wind.

Further information about Kingspan Wind and their range of small wind turbines is available through the relevant sections of our website.